Margret Fan
~for all my fans~

Margret liked pink.  Any kind of pink, but hot pink was her favorite.  Her favorite sneakers were pink.

She liked working Word Find puzzles, and listening to music on her CD player.  She was a Ricky Martin fan, but after seeing Billy Ray Cyrus on Dancing with the Stars (we would watch it together) I think Billy Ray was moving into top billing.  She watched Hanna Montana on Disney, too.

She liked going to dinner and a movie with her respite aide.  She liked hanging out with her sisters, and especially shopping with Helen.

Back before she needed supplementary oxygen, she had a job, she took riding lessons, and participated in an Aqua-robics class with me.  She graduated from high school, and gave an address at the ceremonies.  She worked on the address with her teacher so she could say she did it herself.

She liked to talk to people, and looked forward to family gatherings and the Bajor's Octoberfest.  She gave advice sometimes.  More than one of her friends took the advice she gave, and were glad they did. 

She volunteered at Project Child on Mondays, assembling their parent booklets and helping with mailings.  Wednesdays was Meals on Wheels with the group.  Friday she volunteered at the Outpatient Surgical Department of the Lehigh Valley Hospital, putting stickers on wristbands, papers, folders, so the nurses didn't have to do clerical stuff.  Tuesdays and Thursdays she went to a group therapy program, so she would have opportunity to talk about whatever was bothering her.
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